I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with the guys over at Lucasfilm on the Star Wars: Episode VIII soundtrack, which will be produced by my new label, RIAA.

My studio is called RIAAs Soundtrack, and I’ve worked with some of the greats like M83, Depeche Mode, M83’s own Andrew Bird, and much more.

And I’m thrilled to be joining them as the composer of the Star of the Force’s soundtrack, and to bring my incredible score to a film that I’m so excited about.

The Force Awakens is a fantastic film, and it’s one of the most exciting and beloved franchises of all time.

It’s one that is also deeply rooted in the American culture and I can’t wait to tell the story of the original trilogy with such passion.

Star Wars will always be the source of inspiration for me, but I’m particularly excited to bring to the screen a score that captures the sense of the old-fashioned, traditional Disney fare that we all love so much.