French photographer, Jean-Christophe Morin, has taken a trip to the remote South Pole to document the continent’s wildlife.

Morin, who lives in the Paris suburb of Montrouge, says he has a “special relationship” with the world’s polar regions, having worked as a wildlife photographer for more than 30 years.

“There is a bit of sadness in the way the world looks at the South Pole.

I hope it is a symbol of hope for a new and hopeful era,” he told Business Insider.

The photos are meant to raise awareness about the plight of polar bears, as well as the plight for polar bears and polar penguins, which face severe climate change, Morin said.

The polar bear, which has a rare and deadly disease, has become increasingly endangered.

Moron’s work is also meant to be an allegory of a future climate catastrophe, he said.

“We need to see the world as it is today, to see what the future will look like, and how we are going to protect this species.”

Morin said he began his journey on the South African coast on a boat with a team of five, before heading to the South Polar Sea.

“It was the perfect time to travel.

We had enough time to explore the sea, the polar regions and the polar coast,” Morin told Business Insider.”

I thought this is the best time to take pictures of the Antarctic coastline.

The polar regions are the most important to me.”

Moran’s work also includes a video of a polar bear in a tank, and he plans to share it with people through a social media campaign.

“The images are very powerful.

I think they have a power to change people’s minds about climate change,” Moron said.