One of the reasons why people love ships is the feeling of being on a ship.

A lot of people like to sail.

One of those people is Robert A. Nelsen, a retired US Navy SEAL and an author and commentator on maritime topics.

Nelsen says he loves the idea of sailing as much as the next guy, but not as much.

“I’ve been a sailor for 20 years and I’ve been aboard a lot of ships,” he says.

“But this is the first time I’ve done it in my life.”

He has a few thoughts about the concept of sailing on a large vessel.

“I’ve got some bad habits that I need to break.

I’m afraid to go down the bow, because if you do, there’s a lot that could go wrong,” he said.

“A lot of times, I think that’s because I think I’m doing the wrong thing.

I need the ship to do things that it normally does, which is, it’s a big ship, and it can go fast, and you can go anywhere.”

He says the big ship idea makes sense.

“It’s a huge vessel.

It’s like a big car that’s going to run you over.

It can handle all of that, and then it’s going be big enough to carry the load.

So the idea that you can sail a ship like that, you can, because the boat can carry a lot, is a very good one.”

Nelsen has also noticed the benefits of being in a large boat, particularly in a warmer climate.

“The way it’s designed, there are some cool, sheltered areas to get in,” he noted.

“There’s a very cool deck to sit on.

So if you go down there and get out of the boat, you have an opportunity to get your water temperature down to like 70 degrees, which makes it easier to stay out of that cold.”

Another benefit is that it allows you to travel a lot.

“Because of the way the water temperature is maintained, you’re able to stay in one location and just sit on the deck and let the ship do all of its work,” he added.