The U.S. Coast Guard’s Belgrana cargo ship was mired in darkness on Thursday after it collided with a cargo vessel, and the U.K. Coastguard is sending a team to investigate, according to a Coast Guard spokesman.

The U-Haul container ship collided with the Belgranese cargo ship on Thursday at about 1 p.m. local time in Belgramo, about 20 miles northwest of the port city of Ghent.

The cargo ship capsized, and two of its eight crew members died.

Belgrani, which is owned by U.N. peacekeeping group United Nations Command, was moored in Belgrade, Serbia, for the weekend.

It was the second cargo ship to collide with a U.M.

S Cargo ship in BelGRANO in a month.

The incident is under investigation by the Belgrade National Guard and the Croatian Coast Guard, the spokesman said.

The crew was en route from Belgrade to Belgrade when the collision occurred, according the Coast Guard.

The two U.

Haul cargo ships were moored about 20 nautical miles (32 kilometers) apart when they collided.

A U.C. Berkeley crew member was killed and a crew member aboard a British Columbia-based U.R.M.-registered ship was seriously injured.

The British ship’s captain was rescued but is being treated in hospital, according a spokesman for the U-K.

Border Patrol.

The collision was the first since the U.-K.

ship departed from Belgranny, Croatia, on June 29 and departed Belgrade on July 10.

The Belgranas cargo ship is in port at Ghent for the duration of the investigation, the spokesperson said.

It’s unclear when the UHauls next port of call is.