Hawaii’s largest cargo ship has become a magnet for the world’s most dangerous cargo, as passengers, crew and crew members have been killed in the cargo ship’s fiery wreck.

The cargo ship that sank Saturday has been the subject of a yearlong investigation by the U.S. Coast Guard, which found the cargo vessel had “gross negligence,” “gross neglect of duty,” and “gross disregard for human life,” according to the report released on Tuesday.

The report said the ship was operated by a Japanese shipping company called Sanyo and had been carrying more than 2,500 containers of hazardous materials and other goods.

The report said “serious problems” with the vessel led to the deaths of all but four crew members and passengers, and the crew “failed to take all reasonable measures” to avoid the ship’s collapse.

The ship, which sank about 2,200 miles off the coast of Hawaii, was carrying cargo worth nearly $3 billion and was carrying more cargo than the United States had ever shipped in a single day, according to a preliminary estimate.

According to the Coast Guard’s preliminary report, the ship “had been carrying about 4,000 containers of goods, but at some point during the voyage had a catastrophic failure.”

The report noted the cargo ships cargo had been inspected by the Coast Protection Command for a potential hazard and that no violations were found.

In all, the Coast Guards preliminary report found, there were no fatalities or injuries aboard the cargo carrier and no violations that would have resulted in a major safety hazard.

But the report also said the cargo had a “dangerous and unstable” structure, which could pose a safety hazard for the crew if they “were to attempt to free or move any containers.”

The investigation was led by a group of three officers and four civilian investigators, and covered a period of more than five years.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.