In our latest Cargo Ship Ratings Survey, we took the top 20 shipping container ships in the country and ranked them based on their ability to carry cargo.

Each ship was rated on a scale of 1 to 10 based on its ability to transport 1 tonne of cargo or 1,000 tons.

The survey also included a “cargo ship” rating, which takes into account the amount of cargo per tonne.

We also rated the quality of cargo on the ship, and the ability to handle it, according to each ship’s ratings.

The shipping industry is changing rapidly and in a way that could affect how you plan your cargo shipping journeys.

We asked the industry experts who helped us rank the top cargo ships in order to better understand how cargo shipping is changing.

This year’s list includes shipping containers that were shipped in the last decade and are now on the market, new container ship designs and newer ships with larger, wider-decked cabins.