The Cargo Ship Map is a fun way to navigate around your favorite ship and the ship you own.

You can easily use the map to navigate on foot or take a trip on your boat.

Here are some tips to help you navigate the map quickly and easily.1.

The Map’s main icon is a sailboat with the words “Cargo Ship Map” on the left side of the screen.

To the right of the sailboat is the navigation icon that looks like a boat.

The navigation icon indicates that you are on a ship that is currently carrying cargo.2.

The map’s icon changes depending on the ship’s current location, its distance from the current location (which indicates distance from shore), and the speed of the ship.

You will be able to see your current location and its current speed in the navigation bar above the map’s center.

The speed of your ship will be indicated on the speed indicator that appears on the map.3.

The Ship Map’s icon is on the navigation menu.

The ship map will display your current ship and its speed, distance from land, and speed of light.

You’ll also be able move your ship around the map and view its current location on the Ship Map.4.

The Navigation Menu is accessed by tapping the navigation icons at the bottom of the map, which will turn into a compass.

To change your compass, you can tap the compass icon and move your cursor over the star in the top right corner of the compass.5.

If you are in a shipwrecked state, you’ll see the Shipwreck icon in the Navigation Menu.

The icon shows you where your ship is currently located, how far from shore you are, and the current speed.6.

You may also tap the navigation arrows in the map in order to zoom in on the various ships in your ship’s path.

You are able to zoom on your ship in the Ship View.7.

You should be able see the ship map in your Navigation Menu as well.

You won’t be able use the Navigation menu if you are traveling to a new destination, as the map is still active.8.

If the navigation arrow that shows the ship has been tapped for more than one time, the navigation will turn off.

Tap it again to see the navigation progress bar and the map again.9.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot see the Navigation button in the nav menu, just tap the Navigation icon and it will turn the navigation indicator on.10.

The nav menu also shows the speed indicators for your ship.

Tap the speed in either the left or right corner to see how far the ship is from land and to see where it is heading.

You could also tap it and move the navigation indicators around to get a better feel for where your vessel is headed.