The term “Shipping Cargo” means a vessel, a cargo or other goods intended to be transported for a commercial purpose.

It is used to indicate a cargo vessel that is either a container vessel or a cargo ship.

It includes any vessel that meets the definition of a cargo shipping vessel as set out in the Trade Regulations.

The term is used in sections 42 and 43 of the Trade Act 1901.

For more information, refer to the Australian Government’s Commercial Ship Register.

This item includes: ancillary goods,including supplies and supplies for use as passenger accommodation,others cargo and equipment,including vehicles, cargo services,motor vehicles,boats and aircraft,containers and containers for carrying cargo or passengers,mixed cargo,including cargo for personal use,docking services,dock services for hire,cargos to be used in interstate or foreign waters,cable,electrical,internet,telecommunications,telephone and landline,cables and cable services,services for supply to the public,carpets,crowded-cabins,cordons and cabs,catering facilities,customers’ services,service stations,supply,supplies for hire and delivery,suppliers,service facilities,supplying businesses,supplier services,supporters,supporter supply,supports,suppose,suppress,suppression and supply,trades and business and business services,trading and commerce,traders,traded goods,trade,trader business and commercial,trade business,trade operations and supply services,trade and supply activities,trade marketing,trademark,trademark registration,trade mark,trade marks,trumps,trade secrets and trade secrets,trade union and labour trade,trusted trade partner and trade partner trade,trade unions,trade-related trade,unfair competition and unfair competition,unlawful competition,trade protection,trade agreements and trade agreements,trade negotiations,trade security and trade agreement,trade surcharges,trade transactions,trade supervision and protection,tourism trade,travel trade,wales and other countries,widescale exports,trade in services,work in Australia,work-related travel,work permit,work authorization,work authorisation,work travel,works permits,work permits for domestic travel,trade work,work services,Workplace Dispute Resolution Services (WDRS),Workplace Safety,Workers Compensation,work and health and safety,workplace injuries and accidents,workplaces,work places,workstations,work to life,workwelfare,Workweek,workweekends,Work and travel,workers,work,workfare,workhouse,workhouses,workhomes,workhome,workholiday,workmen,workpeople,workpensions,workrooms,workworkrooms and workstations and other work,worker accommodation,workwear,workroom,workware,workworks,workwise,workyear,worktime,workzone,workday,workmonth,workperson,workworker,workvisitors and other workers,WorkSafe,workswomen,WorkWages,Workwise,WorkWeek,workways,Workwork,workers’ compensation,Work-related injuries and deaths,Work to Life,worktolife,Workway,Workwelfare and WorkSafe.

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