Cargo ships have been a part of the Australian shipbuilding industry since the mid-20th century, but as they are built more frequently now, it is inevitable that they will eventually become extinct.

A report from the Maritime Industries Association (MIA) last month estimated that Australia’s total shipbuilding capacity is about 1,800 ships, and that the fleet will eventually dwindle to about 2,500.

In the meantime, the industry is moving to other methods of shipping cargo to Asia.

The Maritime Trade Alliance, which represents shipping companies, said that the industry would need to diversify its sourcing of cargo and its operations in the Pacific Ocean to make up for lost capacity.

“The industry has lost its global leadership in terms of its ability to handle global shipping, but this is not a matter of competition,” MTA chair Pauline Tandjens told the ABC.

“It’s a matter about finding new solutions.”

The Australian Government has a plan to address the lack of shipbuilding in Australia.

It wants to build the new vessel class, the LHA, by 2020.

That’s when a new ship class is expected to be built in Port Melbourne, which will house the first LHA vessel.

The Government has announced plans to spend $1.5 billion to modernise the shipyards in the Port, which is already busy with construction of the new rail tunnel.

The new LHA ships are also expected to have a crew of 100.

In order to be able to carry as many people as possible, the shipyard will need to build more than 500 new berths for the new ships.

It is hoped that these berths will be built on the same site as the current berths, but that is not always possible.

MTA has already announced that the Government will spend $3.3 billion to upgrade the port.

It will also spend $800 million to upgrade existing facilities in the port to ensure the ships can continue to function in the event of a ship sinking.

The Minister for Shipping and Ports is also trying to get more vessels to the Port.

“There’s a big emphasis in this new shipbuilding programme to move forward in this way, so that we can get a better number of ships into the port,” he told ABC Radio.

“This is an important time in the future, as we need to have the capability to ship a much bigger number of goods.”

This is the first ship class in Australian history that has been built on a dry dock.

It also marks the first time that Australia has built a new vessel type in the middle of the Pacific.

But while the Government has made progress in modernising the shipbuilding sector, there is still a lot of work to be done.

A ship that can carry as much as 100 people will not be able, as they will be loaded onto the ship as soon as possible.