Indonesia’s cargo ship Indonesia’s massive cargo shipping giant, the Maersk Tigris, is set to be christened on Wednesday, with the vessel to be officially christened at the São Paulo, Brazil, port. 

The ship is currently in Singapore, where it is undergoing sea trials. 

A major challenge facing the vessel is that the Maerks Tigris is expected to be much larger than its previous vessel, the Daikin. 

Maerks told Al Jazeera it will be christen at São Paolo, Brazil’s capital.

“It’s a very complex ship, and it’s still very difficult to get on board the vessel.

We’ll be getting on board this vessel on Wednesday,” said Maerck chief executive Dirk van der Meulen.

Maerck plans to hold a public ceremony on the vessel’s maiden voyage.

The ship’s maiden trip to São Paulo, Brazil will see the vessel take part in a test of its stability in the water, as well as a launch of its new life-support system, according to a press release. 

However, the vessel will also undergo further testing before it is able to carry out its maiden voyage in the Atlantic Ocean, according Maercks press release, adding that the ship will “soon” be able to fly its maiden flight to its final destination, New York, US.

The vessel is expected arrive at the US city on Monday, and will be able “live out the rest of its life in the United States”, Maerds release said.

The Maerk Tigres maiden voyage was originally scheduled for April last year, but was pushed back to November due to a weather event in the region.

The maiden voyage is likely to be one of the largest ever for a container ship in the world, as it will likely be the first to be delivered to the US. 

This vessel will have a capacity of 4,700 tonnes, with a gross tonnage of more than 20,000 tonnes.

Maersk said the ship’s new life support system, called the Life Support System (LSS), will be deployed in the vessel, with crew on board.

The vessels first passenger onboard, a Japanese company called Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, will be onboard.

Maerk said the vessel has undergone “many trials and tests”.

“This is the largest cargo ship ever built, and we are happy to say that we have made some significant improvements in terms of design, materials, engineering and safety,” Maerk said.