The cargo ship from Japan has a story to tell.

It’s been a bit of a ride, with it’s crew being forced to take on the most perilous assignments imaginable, and that includes getting off a ship, getting rescued and surviving the journey.

The crew was rescued on the day of the accident, and after being rescued, the ship was loaded into a container ship and sent on its way to the port of Tokyo.

Now, we’re going to get to see what the crew will bring to the rescue.

The ship has a lot of cargo.

It is loaded with equipment for the rescue operation, including food, water and medical supplies, according to the CNN article.

The cargo ship has been in service since May of this year.

The cargo is going to Japan to be used to help with the rescue efforts.

The captain of the cargo ship, which is named the Odaisuka-class, is currently a member of the Tokyo Naval Police, but was assigned the role of chief of the crew of the ship by the Japanese government, according CNN.

He was on duty at the time of the crash.

The crew members who were rescued are being given food, medical supplies and clothing.

One of the people rescued has a son on board.

The son is being trained to become a pilot, and he was part of the flight team that got off the ship.

He’s being trained for a mission that will be part of an international rescue mission.

The Odaísuka class is a class of Japanese cargo ship built to carry a number of different types of cargo, including oil tankers and foodstuffs.

It was originally designed as a vessel for transporting coal from Japan to South Korea.

It eventually became the largest cargo ship in the world, with a capacity of about 2.2 million tons.

It has been used by several governments and corporations to bring goods to the Pacific coast.