A cargo ship discovered in the Persian Gulf on Wednesday has been identified as a ship that carried millions of tons of oil from Nigeria.

The vessel was found by the US Navy’s underwater drone and is one of three known oil tankers.US Navy photoAn American flag flies on the deck of a US Navy submarine as it passes the USNS Endeavour (L-R) and USNS Ranger (R) in the middle of the Arabian Gulf, in this still image from video taken from the US National Security Archive on April 29, 2021.

The tanker, which was carrying nearly 100,000 barrels of oil a day, was discovered off the coast of Al Mukalla in the Red Sea.US naval ships in the Gulf are known to sink during oil spills and are also involved in other mishaps.

On Thursday, the US destroyer USS Endeavor, based in the US port of Norfolk, Virginia, was towed into port by a US submarine.

The US Coast Guard said the ship was towed away from the area after it found the tanker, about 1,600 kilometres (620 miles) off the northern coast of the Gulf of Oman.

The discovery of the tanker came amid reports that US authorities had discovered a massive oil tanker off the Yemeni coast, which it claimed was transporting millions of barrels of petroleum products.

A video of the shipwreck, which the US Naval Institute released on Wednesday, showed a large oil tanker with its doors open and the lights of lights on the sides.US officials said the tanker was carrying oil from the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

The video, which has not been verified, showed the tanker as it passed the coast, a port where it has been operating since 2014.US President Donald Trump is in the Middle East on a trip to Saudi Arabia and the United States.

The Pentagon has previously said that the tanker had operated for more than three years.

The oil was discovered by a Navy submarine while searching for oil in the waters off the Gulf state of Al Saada, the Pentagon said.

“This is a massive discovery that will bring the US naval force in the region into a new era of increased cooperation and cooperation with partners,” Navy Capt Michael Sheehan, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, said in a statement.

“We are grateful to the Coast Guard, the UAE, and other countries for their assistance in the search for this vessel,” Sheeham said.

The UAE, which is not a member of the US, was not immediately available for comment.

A number of oil tanker ships are suspected of carrying oil.

The latest discovery came amid fears that an oil tanker had been found off the southern coast of Yemen and the UAE was trying to find it.

In October 2016, a massive ship sank off the Arabian coast, sparking a massive rescue operation that included the rescue of at least 13 people.

The ship was carrying some of the world’s biggest oil reserves from the Saudi-led military coalition, which Saudi Arabia says it has fought since 2015 to restore power to the country’s internationally recognised government.