With the new cargo ship design that is now being developed in Belgrano, California, the world has just had its first glimpse of what a ship of this type could look like.

But just what kind of cargo ship would it be?

We asked the experts.

The Belgrana, California-based Greyhound Cargo ships have been designed to be a new kind of transport system.

Instead of a cargo ship that carries goods from point A to point B, the cargo ships will carry goods from Point B to Point C. The cargo ships are designed to take advantage of their immense size, which makes them ideal for the types of cargo ships currently used to move goods across the world.

This ship design was inspired by the work of famed architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

The company is called Greyhound, and they are currently designing the first ships of this kind.

There is currently no specific timeline for the ships, but they are expected to be in service in the 2030s.

Greyhound says that their ships are a “revolution in container shipping” and that it is the first in a line of ships that will be built by them.

Greyhound CEO Paul Johnson said the company is working with a number of international partners to get the first of these ships built and ready for service.

“Our goal is to begin construction in 2021,” Johnson said.

The ships are being designed to have a capacity of 25,000 tons, with a capacity for 2,000 people per cargo ship.

The first ships in the line will be completed in 2021.

The Greyhound ships will be capable of carrying between 25,500 and 25,600 people.

The company said that this is a very different type of container ship than what we currently see on the ocean.

It will be designed to carry the goods of the world, with the majority of the goods coming from the U.S., Canada, Australia and other Pacific Rim countries.

Johnson said that the ships will also be able to handle higher loads of cargo.

Johnson said that while the ships are not designed to transport people, there will be “some of the lowest standards of human health and safety” that a container ship will meet.

The ships are also expected to have “very low impact” on marine life.

Johnson also said that they are working on developing the technology to “transport” the ships into the sea.

The technology will be a bit like a hoverboard that will move through the water and move on the surface of the ocean, Johnson said, according to the Associated Press.

The first ships will have to be built in Belgrade, Serbia, and then shipped out to ports around the world to start taking orders for them.

The next phase will be to move the ships to ports in other countries.

Greyhounds first cargo ship ships will ship containers with cargo and cargo containers to various locations around the globe, including Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

They will also deliver cargo containers in a smaller, more portable form.

The new ships will go into service in 2021 and are expected in service by 2023.