A cargo ship is stuck in an ocean, and a ship that’s already been in the water has to navigate a new sea of challenges.

It’s a tricky proposition.

The US Coast Guard is trying to determine if a cargo carrier lost power in the Atlantic Ocean in mid-May.

That’s when it went missing off the coast of Bermuda.

The Coast Guard says it’s searching for the USS Independence, which is on the way back to Norfolk from a visit to a naval base.

The ship’s crew reported it lost power on May 27, but the Coast Guard hasn’t found it since.

The Independence, an amphibious assault ship, was due to depart for the Philippines on May 29, but it went AWOL and has been stuck in a seabed off Bermuda since then.

The tugboat that’s working the tow, the Cunard, has towed the Independence and other ships to a pier in New York’s Brooklyn borough.

The tugboat has been on the pier since May 31, when the Independence was spotted by a Coast Guard cutter, and the tow is scheduled to begin on June 2.

A tugboat is normally used to tow ships out of the water.

In this case, it’s used to get the tugboat out of trouble.

A Coast Guard tugboat arrives to tow a Coast Guards tugboat in Brooklyn, New York.

The Coast Guard has been working on the tug for more than a week, after the tug sank and the Independence went AWol, but there’s still no sign of the ship.

A towboat arrives at the pier in Brooklyn after it was towed to a seaport near the city.

The tow is expected to begin in June.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has said the tug has lost power, which means it has not been able to power the ship, and it’s possible the tug’s engines could fail.

The vessel is carrying about 4,000 tons of food and other supplies for the US military, which are headed to the Philippines and Guam, the US territory in the Pacific Ocean where it was spotted off Bermuda.

The food and supplies are on board.

The crew says the tug will return to the dock in New Jersey by July 3, but that’s not a guarantee.

The Navy said in a statement that it was not aware of the tug incident and had no information to share on the condition of the Independence.

The Independence is the second US military ship to go missing in the Caribbean since mid-June.

In early June, a tugboat lost power and ran aground in the Gulf of Mexico, off Florida, about 60 miles north of Miami.

That incident has caused the Navy to suspend operations for a week and send a team to the Caribbean to assess the situation.