A cargo ship sank off the coast of Australia’s Swanslands in June, killing at least 30 people and leaving behind an underwater mystery.

The vessel, the Swanslander, is currently undergoing a major overhaul to try to find out what happened to the crew and the passengers.

Swanslander: The story of a shipwreck ship article The vessel is now undergoing a massive overhaul to look for answers to what happened.

Swantsland: The most dangerous vessel in the world The ship was owned by an Australian company, the Coast Guard said.

It sank off Swansands Coast near Swanses village of Chinnings Head, about 150 kilometres (90 miles) north-east of Darwin, in a storm about 9.45am local time.

About 300 metres (660 feet) below the waterline, the ship began to move slowly when the crew went missing, according to the Coastguard.

The ship sank in a 40-metre-wide (129-foot) section, and swam for more than an hour before it eventually sank.

The swanslander is still submerged, the National Transport Safety Bureau said in a statement.

It took the swansland about a month to recover.

The search for the crew began at the Swainsland on Tuesday.

Swainsland: A shipwreck is now being examined by a marine research vessel.

The Coast Guard released this video of the vessel that sank.

Swanlands National Maritime Museum said it was not yet clear how the ship ended up in the area, but that it was an oceanographic research vessel called the Blue Waters that is equipped with advanced underwater sensors.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the ship had been sailing in the vicinity of Swansons south-east coast since October and had been operating as a charter vessel.

Its captain, Capt John Thomas, told the ABC the vessel had been heading to Darwin when it went down.

He said he had lost contact with his crew for more to two days.

“They were in the harbour, the captain lost contact and they’ve been working on the ship for three days,” he said.

“The captain has been working out all the issues.

The crew are all safe.”

Mr Thomas said he expected the swanlander to be repaired and towed to Darwin to be scrapped.

He described it as a “big loss”.

“This is a big ship that’s been sailing for a long time, it’s been a long haul, and it’s going to go down,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The crew was believed to be from New Zealand.

The Swanslanders coast guard said it did not know the cause of the accident.

“We have no idea what happened, it could be a storm or it could have been a ship accident, but we’re not really sure at this stage,” it said in an emailed statement.

The coast guard’s search for survivors will be conducted by the Australian Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (AMRC), which is based in Darwin.

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