NEW YORK — An estimated 1,000 tons of cargo that had been set to sail from the United States to New York City when the crew lost communication Saturday was presumed dead, the Coast Guard said.

The missing cargo ship was the Reina Cargo Ship No. 8, which had left Miami on Saturday morning, said Capt. Robert Smith of the Coast Guards Miami-Dade County, Florida.

The Coast Guard has been tracking the ship for more than a week.

The ship was scheduled to make the trip from Miami to the port of Jacksonville, Florida, on Saturday, but the crew decided to sail back to Miami, Smith said.

The crew decided the trip was not worth the time, Smith added.

On Saturday morning the ship was headed to New Orleans, Florida on the Atlantic coast.

It departed Miami, Florida at about 6:30 a.m.


When it reached Jacksonville, the ship made a right turn at about 7:20 a.s.m., Smith said, and was about two miles off the coast when it disappeared.

The coast guard has not located the missing cargo, he added.

The Coast Guard dispatched two Coast Guard ships and a Coast Guard helicopter to the area, and a team of divers was deployed to search the ship, Smith told reporters at a news conference.

The cargo ship has been towed back to New Jersey where it will be inspected, Smith and Captain Anthony M. Rios of the U.S. Coast Guard’s Miami-based Command Support Division said.

They did not give further details.

The cargo ship had about 1,100 tons of fuel and diesel on board.

The ship is scheduled to depart New York, New Jersey and on to New Brunswick, Canada, according to the Coast Protection Services website.