The President has met with Coast Guard members aboard the USS CarlVinson, the U.S. Navy’s second largest warship, and the Coast Guard’s Coast Guard Operations Center (COGOC) is looking into how the ship’s crew members can safely operate a container ship.

Trump is scheduled to meet aboard the CarlViz, the third largest warships in the Navy, on Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m. local time, Coast Guard officials said.

It is unclear if the President will have to pass through customs.

The CarlVissons crew is undergoing an internal safety review of how they will operate in the maritime environment, said Petty Officer 1st Class Paul Pritchard, a spokesman for Coast Guard Commandant Adm.

Jeff Davis.

The review is continuing and will include interviews with the crew and other stakeholders, he said.

The Coast Guard has an extensive safety plan for its members and has been involved in numerous training and awareness programs for years, including a multi-year maritime safety plan, he added.

The first CarlV-III crewmember onboard the Carl Vissons, Petty Officer 2nd Class Eric Eder, died in an accident while on duty last week.

The ship is scheduled for a second crewmember, Petty Lieutenant Josh Bunch, who was on board when the crash occurred.

In the meantime, the Coast Guards Coast Guard Cutter Kipper, a service member assigned to the ship, is en route to a port in New Orleans.

It will be returning the next day, the coast guard said in a statement.