CODEX The Myanmar Cargo Ship is set to dock in Japan on Tuesday and will deliver supplies to Japanese shipping companies in order to ease tensions in the South China Sea.

The ship, the second of its kind to dock at Japan, was built by China’s Haiyang Shipping and has a crew of just a few hundred.

A few months ago, the ship also arrived at the port of Naha in northern Japan, where it was set to be inspected.

The vessel, which is also being named the Myanmar Cargo Boat, has been on a long voyage between China and the Philippines and has had a few delays as it has been delayed by Chinese naval activity in the region.

It is the second cargo ship owned by China to arrive in Japan.

The first cargo ship that arrived at Japan in June was the CODEShip, which arrived on July 10.

It was later grounded by the Japanese Coast Guard, and the ship has since been refitted.

The Myanmar cargo boat is expected to dock with Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force, which has a large fleet of warships stationed in the East China Sea and the South Sea.