7/11 A ship with its engine and propeller on fire after a collision with a cargo ship off the coast of Ireland’s southwest coast, July 10, 2018, at a port in County Clare, Ireland.

A ship that had been sailing in the early morning had a collision that killed one man and injured three others.

In a further incident on July 15, a cargo vessel collided with a vessel off the port of Kildare, killing one person and injuring seven others.

AFP/Getty Images 8/11 Crew members remove the body of a man who died after being trapped under a collapsed shipwreck off the western coast of Northern Ireland, July 9, 2018.

A man who was trapped under the shipwreck of an Irish shipwreck died on the night of July 8.

A vessel was found on the shore of the Outer Hebrides in a condition of “total loss” on July 7.

Getty Images 9/11 Rescue workers work to free a woman trapped under an overturned cargo ship in Cork, July 7, 2018.(AFP/Getty) 10/11 Salvage crews remove the carcass of a shipwrecked vessel off Galway, Ireland, June 29, 2018(AFP/AFP) 11/11 People remove debris from the wreck of an oil tanker off the shore off the south coast of County Donegal, Ireland in June, 2019.(AFP / Brendan McCarthy) 1/11 Workers remove the remains of a coffin containing the remains from a ship that went down in Galway Harbour in County Galway on Tuesday, July 1, 2018 EPA 2/11 The remains of the coffin of a woman who was found dead on a ship wreck off the west coast of the island of Ireland on Tuesday July 1.

A large ship that was sailing in Gallego Harbour on July 1 in the County Galle, Co. Meath, off Ireland’s west coast has been reported missing since Monday night.

A second ship, the second to go missing, was found off the shores of County Tyrone.

EPA 3/11 Emergency services search for survivors from an oil tanker that went missing off the Irish coast, in Co. Galway (Photo by Michael MacDiarmid/AFP via Getty Images) 4/11 Members of the search and rescue teams recover the remains at the site of the ship that sank off the east coast of Galway during a night search operation in Co Galway in July, 2019.

A number of other ships were involved in the search in the area.

EPA 5/11 Search and rescue crews search for the remains in the sea off the Galway coast on July 3, 2019, where a ship sank during night search operations in Co Cork.

EPA 6/11 An aerial view of the area after the search operation was called off, July 3 2019, on the Irish coasts coast.

EPA 7/1 The wreck of the oil tanker that sank during the search for missing shipwreck ships off the north coast of France in May 2019.

The shipwreck, which has yet to be formally identified, has been on the French coast since April 2019.

EPA 8/1 Members of a salvage crew lift the body off a ship after it was rescued by sea off Ireland in Co Meath in Co Donegal on July 2, 2019 (AFP/Brendan McCarthy) 9/1 A woman who died from suffocation in the water after being rescued by the sea on July 5, 2019 in Co Mayo, Ireland.(AFP Photo/Eamonn McCabe) 10: Search and Rescue teams work to remove the wreckage of a floating cargo ship from the coast off the island off Ireland, on July 9 of 2019.

11/1 An aerial image shows the area where a cargo sailing ship went down during night hunt operations in the Irish seas, near Galway.

EPA 1/1 Rescue workers remove the bodies of a person who was discovered dead on the ship wreck of a boat that went under off the coasts of Galleg