Klm has announced it will open up a new cargo shipping company in Indonesia.

The company, Klm International Cargo Shipping, will be based in the Indonesian city of Surabaya and will be operated by the Dutch firm in conjunction with Indonesian cargo shipping firm Klm.

The deal is subject to approval by the Indonesian government.

The Klm deal will allow the Dutch company to expand its operations in Indonesia by offering logistics services to international cargo ships.

Klm’s first voyage will be from the Indonesian capital of Jakarta to the port of Bandung, with the other vessels to travel on to the Indonesian island of Flores, where they will then be loaded onto a ship for shipment to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.

The shipping service will operate as a subsidiary of Dutch company Alstom, and is expected to be available in Indonesia from 2020.

The announcement comes just days after Dutch company Witsa announced it had signed a contract to supply cargo ships to the Middle East and Africa.