The latest video from Vice News’ video series: It’s Not The Government’s Problem.

We’re looking at the political, economic, and social factors that are fueling the problem.

This video will examine the political and economic factors that have contributed to the growing trucking industry in the U.S.

A: The Rise and Fall of Trucking in the United StatesA: Unpaid Labor in the Trucking IndustryA: What It Means for the Truck IndustryA.

B.: Trucking Jobs in the StatesA.

C.: Truckers’ Rights and the Fight for the FutureA.

D.: Truckworkers’ Fight for a Fair Day in CourtA.

E.: A Look Inside the Truck Workers’ Fight Against the Government and the BusinessesThat Fuel the Truck industryA.

F.: Truck Workers Are Protesting the Government in the Face of Big OilA.

G.: The Business Behind the Fight Against Truck WorkersA.

H.: The Political Economy of the TruckersFight for the Freedom to Drive in the USAA.

I.: Truckdrivers and Truckers United for JusticeA.

J.: The Fight Against Taxpayer Funding of the Transportation IndustryA,K: A Look at the Economic Impact of Truck JobsA.

L.: Truck Trucking and the Economic Boom in the American EconomyA.

M.: The Economic Impact on Truck Workers and the Upturn in TruckingA.

N.: The Economics of Truck Workers in the New WorldA.

O.: Truck Driver, Truck Driver and the Economy of Truck WorkA.

P.: Truck Drivers’ Rights in the Fight against Taxpayer Sponsored EmploymentA.

Q.: How the Government Benefits Truck Drivers and Other Worker Exploited in the USA.

R.: Truck Jobs in AmericaA.

S.: What It’s Like to Travel the Road with a TruckA.

T.: How Trucking Affects Workers and Their FamiliesA.

U.: The State of the American TruckingIndustryA.

V.: The Unpaid Jobs in Truck Driving in the State of PennsylvaniaA.

W.: The Importance of the US Trucking Market in the Future of the EconomyA:A Look Inside Truckers Fight Against Government Sponsored LaborA.