The Imperial cargo ships from Star Wars: The Old Republic are coming to an end.

The final paint job of one of the ships, the Dreadnaught, will arrive on October 18, with the remaining ships receiving new designs.

The Imperial cargo vessels from The Old World are coming out of their retirement in the coming weeks, and they will be making their debut in the new expansion, The Sith Expanse.

In addition to their new look, these ships will also receive a new ship, the Dathomir, which will be featured in the upcoming expansion.

The last of the Imperial cargo vessel ships is the Dreadntown, a heavily modified cargo ship.

While it has a number of changes, it’s not the only ship with an old look.

The first Imperial ship to arrive, the Nighthawk, also received a new look and color scheme.

The last ship to make an appearance is the Imperial Cargo Ship Painting from Cargo Ships, a collection of paintings that will be available as part of The Sith Expansion.

The new ships are just the beginning of the work that’s been done for the expansion.

On October 22, a new mission pack is available to everyone that’s already signed up for the game.

The expansion will also include a new starship in the form of the Nym, which is a rare variant of the ship, and a new type of ship called the Shadow Fleet.

The Shadow Fleet is a ship designed to be a support ship, able to take on large numbers of ships.

It also features new weapons, a set of new weapons skins, and an ability to create a shield that allows players to withstand a devastating burst of blaster fire.

All of this new content will be made available on October 25 for the full price of the game, with additional content coming later.

It’s an exciting time to be playing Star Wars Battlefront, and you can catch up on everything that’s going on with the expansion in the following weeks.