Hybrid cargo vessels could be launch in 2018, according to News24.

The report stated that in 2020 the company’s Chief Executive Officer Peter T. Dixons told a gathering of investors in New York that Hybrid Cargo would launch a prototype cargo ship.

Hybrid Cargo CEO Peter T Dixon, who is also Vice President of Industrial Development at the company, recently stated that Hybrid cargo would launch its first vessel by 2020.

The Hybrid Cargo ship, to be launched from a shipyard in the US, will carry a combination of containers, passenger aircraft and electric vehicles.

It will also be capable of carrying up to 2,500 people.

Hybrid Cargo’s CEO said that his company will soon be launching an electric cargo ship in 2020, which will carry up to 4,000 people.

According to the report, Hybrid Cargo will be launching a prototype of its cargo ship next year.

Hybrids Cargo CEO says the company has a long track record of delivering ships that meet or exceed all specifications and specifications are set by the Government of the United States, and that Hybrid’s technology will provide the best option to deliver these ships.

The ship would be built at a facility in the state of Washington.

The company’s President and Chief Operating Officer Peter Dixones, who also serves as the Chairman of Hybrid Cargo, has previously stated that the company is focused on delivering a cargo ship that meets or exceeds all specifications.