The Last Ship is a cinematic, action-packed action film from the director of the 2012 movie, “Lone Survivor.”

The movie follows the story of a former U.S. Navy SEAL who joins the crew of a U.K. vessel, searching for his estranged brother who was kidnapped and taken to Somalia.

The Last Ships cast includes Robert De Niro, Matthew McConaughey, Josh Brolin, Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, Jennifer Lawrence, Jack Huston, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The film was shot on 35mm film, and is considered a “true-to-life” documentary about the search for its titular missing cargo ship.

It has been a year since the search began, and many people remain hopeful for an answer.

The movie, which was originally scheduled for release in 2018, has been delayed to 2021.

However, the filmmakers said they will make the film available to fans of the film.

We are committed to making the film as accessible as possible and will be doing everything in our power to make the movie available for the viewing public.