An oil tanker that was carrying more than 1,000 containers of liquefied natural gas landed in Japan’s southern Omiya prefecture on Thursday.

The ship, carrying gas, was carrying an estimated 2,500 metric tons of fuel, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement.

Japan’s Maritime Safety Agency said in its statement that the ship, which had been carrying cargo for over a year, was intercepted by coast guard vessels and its cargo was confiscated.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force spokesman Yoshihiro Nakamura said that the coast guard’s search was being carried out on the ship and that a search and rescue operation would be carried out if the ship is found.

He added that there were no injuries reported.

The coast guard is also investigating whether the cargo was loaded illegally.

In February, the Coast Guard intercepted a tanker carrying liquefy oil from the country of Indonesia.

The company said the shipment was carrying liquified natural gas and that it had received no orders from Indonesia to ship the gas.

In October, the Japan Coast Guard said that it intercepted a container ship carrying liquified natural fuel from Indonesia bound for a shipyard in Japan.

The cargo was carrying about 1.2 million tons of liquified gas.