A puzzle for the Rube-Goldberg-like cargo van: How to get the van’s cargo off the ship without getting it caught on something else?

The answer is pretty simple: just ask the driver.

The cargo van was the subject of a new crossword game that debuted Tuesday night at a Los Angeles bar.

It was designed by David A. Rube, a San Diego-based freelance artist, and played on a video game-console that had a small black box.

Players had to locate a hidden button on the black box, press it and then use the other button to move the van out of the way.

The game uses the same concept as the game above, but the puzzle uses a different set of clues.

Instead of the black-box solution, the puzzle player had to use the car’s door.

The black-board solution used a little bit of blue.

This clue is also found on the door.

The van’s driver, who is not named in the game, then had to figure out which button to press, and which to use to move it away from the other end of the van.

The puzzle player then had the option to put the van in reverse, or go around it, and the player could do the same with the van to move other things away from it.

It’s a tricky puzzle, with some good luck required.

But if the puzzle doesn’t get solved the player can always find another solution.

Here are some more examples of what you could try:A car stuck on a dockThe truck is stuck on the streetThe truck has been flipped into a pile of trashThe truck and a car are blocking the roadThe truck’s driver is trying to get it off a bridge