This is a tutorial to make a Cargo ship map using Google Maps.

If you want to do this with Google Earth, then you can also use the Google Maps for Windows or OS X, but I prefer to use the MapBox app.

To make the map, download the Google Map app for iOS and open it in the Maps app on your iPhone.

Tap the map icon in the bottom right corner, then tap the “map” icon in order to get the map view.

Then, tap the map button to get a map view of your map.

In the top right corner of the map you’ll see the cargo ship.

Tap the “go” button to move the ship to your desired location.

Tap on the cargo ships name to get more information about the ship.

If you want, you can use the map tool on your phone to zoom in on the ship or click on the map for a closer look.

Once you have the map zoomed in, tap on the “view” icon to bring up the map overlay.

Tap a spot on the chart and you’ll be able to see the ship’s name, location and other information.

Tap “go”, then “open in new window”.

This will open a new window and open the map in Google Earth.

Now, just tap on your ship’s icon in Google Maps to open it up in Google Map for Windows. 

The Google Maps app will open the Google Earth app, which lets you view your ship from the Google maps view. 

When you tap on “map”, you’ll get a new view with a map of the ship with your location displayed.

You can then use the arrow keys to move around.

The map can be zoomed into or out by dragging the arrow buttons on the bottom and right of the image.