Apl cargo ships are small, single-decked, diesel-electric-powered vessels used to transport cargo.

The name Apl refers to the Greek goddess of agriculture.

They are often described as the “labor ships” of the sea.

They carry the largest amount of cargo in the world.

They can carry up to 3,000 tonnes (6,000 tons) in total, or up to 20,000 if they are used to carry goods in and out of ports.

They’re often the first ships to arrive at ports and they’re often used for a number of purposes, such as cargo delivery, and as a sort of “fishing vessel”.

They’re also sometimes used to move goods between ships.

Apl ships are not always easy to spot.

They may look like the large, wooden ships that are seen on TV.

They look like they have long, skinny sails, and they may be painted white, yellow, blue or red.

The Aplas are a long, slender vessel, typically 20 metres long (65 feet) and 50 metres wide (164 feet).

They are generally made of steel, but can be made of iron, wood or concrete.

There are also many variations of the Aps, such a cargo-carrying vessel, passenger vessel, cargo ship, cargo boat, ship towing ship and cargo carrier.

It is important to note that Apls are sometimes referred to as cargo ships in English, as they’re commonly referred to in the media as “cargo ships”.

Apl Cargo ships are built like the A-series boats, except they are not built for heavy use.

Aps are designed to carry light loads, and are designed for cargo transport.

They do have the capacity to carry up the largest number of people, so they can be very effective for a variety of purposes.

A Pla is a ship made of wood, with an iron hull, a steel hull, and a steel stern.

A Apl Apl is a passenger ship, or cargo vessel, and has the capacity of 2,000 passengers.

It can carry anywhere between 500 and 1,000 people.

A pla is not designed to be used for heavy shipping.

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