CIVILIAN: A nuclear cargo ship is one of several vessels that may soon be built.

But there’s another type of ship with an equally high potential to be built by a foreign manufacturer.MUST-SEE: New Zealand-made cruise ship to sail to China for new portThe first cargo ship to be constructed in the United States would be a nuclear-powered ship that could carry up to 1,000 tons of cargo, according to CBS News.

The ship, the Maersk-Cargo, is the first vessel to be developed by a Japanese company, Maerske, for shipping heavy liquefied natural gas, or LNG.

The ship would be built in the U.S. and operated by a consortium of Japanese and foreign companies.

The Maerski ship will be built on a 2.5-acre site in San Diego.

The site is near the shipyard where the USS New York collided with the South China Sea in the early 2000s, killing 47 sailors and injuring hundreds of others.

The accident prompted the U, Japan and China to jointly develop a safe, secure and secure supply chain.

The company said the ship would have a capacity of 1,500 tons and would be able to carry 1,200 passengers.

The Maersky ship is the second nuclear-power ship to come to market in the past decade.

The Japanese company was planning a 7.8-acre ship with a capacity for 500 tons and a capacity to carry up for 300 passengers.

The other ship, Maesk, is a joint venture between Maersko and Sweden’s Maastricht-based A.T.S., the world’s largest container company.

The company said it was developing a 2,000-ton cargo ship for the North Sea port of Rotterdam that would have capacity for 1,100 passengers and carry 500 tons.

It’s not clear how many ships are planned for construction.

Maersken is the only one that’s currently operating, with another in the works.

But the U.-Japan consortium is still exploring possibilities.

Maersk says it expects to start shipping LNG in 2019.

That’s after the company completes its initial feasibility study, according.

The USS New Jersey collided with a cargo ship on the South Chinese Sea in November 2000.

The collision killed 47 sailors.

The collision happened when the ship, an MV-22 Osprey, lost its control at high speed and veered off course, the Navy said.

The vessel hit the port side of the Maesky, which was being towed by a cargo vessel.

The accident killed at least 47 sailors aboard the Maessk-class LNG ship, which is built by Maerskin and is the world leader in cargo ship construction.