CUSTOMERS will love the new FedEx Cargo shipping unitized.

The new service will allow customers to choose the type of shipment and the shipping container to ship it to.

It’s a way for FedEx to streamline the way it delivers packages, making it easier for people to find and accept the goods they need.

It is expected to deliver up to 3.5 million packages per day.

But it’s still a relatively small part of the company’s overall business.

“It’s a really small business, but it’s growing at a really rapid rate,” said Dave Kohn, president of FedEx Shipments.

“I think it’s really exciting for the people who use it.”

The new service has been in the works for years.

The company started with its standard cargo shipping unit, but soon expanded it to the FedEx Express package and freight services.

And last year, it started offering the FedEx Shipage service to other U.S. carriers.

Now, FedEx is taking it a step further.

It will offer the FedEx Shipping service on the ground, in the cabins of its freight ships, and in some of the shipping containers of its customers.

The FedEx Shipping unitized service will help ease customers’ workload, and it will help reduce the costs of shipping goods around the world.

The shipping container itself will be smaller than a typical shipping container, but FedEx will add new features that make it more adaptable for each delivery.

FedEx says the new shipping unitizes can reduce the number of delivery trucks and ships needed to ship packages, improve the speed of delivery, and cut down on freight costs.

FedEx has been experimenting with this new service for some time, and the company has had mixed results.

FedEx said it has seen some success with it, but the shipping unitization isn’t a panacea.

“We see some efficiencies in the delivery of the FedEx shipping units, but they don’t always translate into cost savings,” Kohn said.

“What we are really trying to do is get to the point where we have a solution that allows us to deliver to the highest level of service we can.

It makes sense to me that we would be able to provide that.”

In addition to improving the efficiency of the UPS delivery, the FedEx unitized is expected do some other things that have been considered for years, but haven’t gotten a lot of attention.

FedEx is adding a new system for handling customer inquiries.

Previously, FedEx had to contact a customer service agent to confirm that a shipment was eligible for the FedEx Unitized service.

Now customers will have a way to contact FedEx directly and ask questions, and FedEx will answer them.

“That will allow us to get a better understanding of the customer,” Korman said.

FedEx also plans to introduce the FedEx Delivery service in its FedEx Express packages.

But the new service is expected only to be available for the first time on FedEx Express and FedEx Freight packages, so customers won’t be able access the FedEx Store app.

Instead, customers will get a list of the packages they have on hand, which they can tap on to choose from.

The app will then tell them whether it’s a FedEx delivery unitized package or the FedEx delivery service.

FedEx also plans on expanding its Freight and Express service.

“Our goal is to make it easier and more affordable for people,” Kolkoff said.