The cruise ship vacation industry is booming.

A few years ago, it was a hobby for the wealthy, but now it’s becoming a way to get to and from work.

As the industry grows, it’s also getting more crowded.

The US Navy wants to make it easier for those in the military to travel between ships.

But the military has its own set of rules for how long they can stay on a ship, and some are raising concerns about what it will mean for the troops.

Here’s what you need to know.


What is a military cargo ship?

A military cargo container is a ship that carries troops and supplies.

The ships are designed to carry a minimum of 10 people, and are generally used for special operations.

They’re often used to ferry troops to combat zones, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and for humanitarian relief.

The military also uses them to carry troops to and fro, so a container can easily carry more than 100 people.

For cargo ships with more than 20 people, they’re typically equipped with lifeboats, where a crew member is strapped into a lifeboat to provide life support.

The containers also can hold up to 200,000 pounds of supplies, or cargo, which is the same as two football fields.

The cargo ship can also carry helicopters, or air vehicles, and can be used to transport cargo between bases or other military locations.

A military container can carry as many as 60,000 people.


What’s the cargo ship season?

Cargo ships typically have three or four weeks of cruise season, which means they can be visited during the winter and spring months.

Cruise ships typically don’t go into service until January of the following year.


What does it mean if a container ship is boarded by an armed force?

Cargo containers are generally boarded by armed forces on a case-by-case basis, depending on the cargo shipment.

It’s not unusual for armed forces to take part in this type of activity, either because they want to be seen on the ship, or to have a good time.

In some cases, armed forces have been involved in such activity before.

A US Air Force C-130 cargo plane took off from Fort Worth, Texas, in November 2016, to ferry supplies to Iraq.

Four months later, another C-13 cargo plane landed at the base in Qatar to take military personnel back to their home bases.

In December 2016, a US Army C-17 cargo plane carried US Army personnel from the U.S. Embassy in Israel to the Israel Military Industries (IMI) base.

In January of this year, an American military cargo plane was flown from the USS Ponce in the Gulf of Mexico to a U.K. base.


How long does a military container ship stay on the vessel?

Military containers typically stay on their ships for about five to seven days, depending upon their size and the cargo load they’re carrying.

They can stay longer if the crew has a short stay, such a week or two, and if they’re on the high seas.

Military containers can stay for up to two months at sea if they have a crew of four or more, and up to four months at land.

The ship can stay at sea for two months if the ship has at least three crew members, and four months if it has three crew.


Can I stay on military containers without a ticket?

Military cargo ships are not subject to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that passed the Senate in September, which allows them to be operated without a government-issued ticket.

A ticket is required if you are staying at an air base or ship, for example.

However, there are other exceptions to the requirement, including for military personnel who have been assigned to the military.

You can still get a ticket if you have a military ticket, but you’ll need to present it with your military ID card or the military ID number on your passport.

For more information, visit our Military Cargo Ship Safety FAQ.


How do I check out a military ship?

If you want to visit a military shipping container, you’ll be boarding a military aircraft and boarding a cargo vessel that has been boarded by a US Air or Navy cargo plane.

The plane and container are loaded with troops and equipment, and the crew members will have a seat at the front of the plane.

After the passengers are on board, you’re asked to disembark the aircraft at the end of the runway.

If you don’t want to board the plane and get on a container, that’s fine too.


What if a military crew member tries to board my container ship?

Crew members are usually allowed to do so, but they must be given a clear reason.

The crew member will be allowed to go on the flight, but if he doesn’t do so within 10 minutes of arriving on the carrier, the pilot will ask him