How to Avoid Unhealthy Container Shipping for the Holidays 2018 article The Holidays are here and the shipping season is upon us, but what can we do to protect ourselves from this ever-changing world?

The Holiday season is often marked by dangerous sea voyages that leave the shipping industry in turmoil and chaos.

The ships themselves can also be deadly, and this year alone there have been over a dozen ship-related fatalities in the U.S. According to the Federal Maritime Administration (FMA), there have also been numerous incidents of dangerous cargo ship collisions, as well as incidents of unsafe shipping practices.

So how can we stay safe while shopping for new and different holiday gifts?

Here are some tips that we’ve picked up over the years that we think you might enjoy.


Do your research before you purchase.

You can always find an expert to guide you through the process of buying holiday merchandise, but it’s always a good idea to do your research first.

You want to know exactly what you’re buying and what you want in return, and if there’s a possibility of harm.

For example, if you buy a gift for someone you’re considering, do your best to avoid items like candy and other potentially dangerous food products.


Ask for a refund.

While many people do not realize this, you can always ask your shipping company for a return shipping label.

This will usually indicate that you’re getting a refund if there was a problem with the shipment or you purchased something that could have been hazardous.


Look out for other holiday items.

You may not have had the chance to buy any of the items listed above, but you still have the chance.

If you’ve been shopping for a gift, consider purchasing a holiday gift bag or other gift for yourself.


Remember to always check for shipping codes before you leave your home.

If your shipment is arriving by air, make sure you are able to see the codes that are assigned to each ship before leaving.


When shopping for holiday gifts, always pay attention to shipping labels.

Some of the best ways to ensure that you receive a gift is to look out for shipping labels and to follow up with your shipping provider if you do find something wrong with your order.