Posted February 01, 2018 05:08:00 FedEx and UPS are fighting back against a new attack targeting their services, but some people are already starting to notice the similarities between the two.

The cyber attack that’s hitting the FedEx and the UPS network is called “RU-X.”

It targets FedEx’s shipping tracking and delivery services.

It has been targeting FedEx’s service for months.

The company says it’s been “continuously improving our security and protections to protect the security of our customers.”

FedEx and its customers aren’t the only ones whose information is being targeted by this attack.

The hackers are also targeting other services, including FedEx’s own website.

For some companies, the attack is already affecting the way they deliver their mail.

A FedEx spokesperson told The Verge that the company’s tracking systems are not affected.

The hacker is using a new technique called “malvertising,” which is when an attacker takes advantage of the fact that certain web pages are loaded with ads and redirects users to a website that is a fake one.

That fake site could, for example, show you a fake FedEx shipping page.

That’s a serious risk, but it’s also a common one.

FedEx and other companies have patched these vulnerabilities, but they’re not immune to the attacks.

That means if you receive an email or package from the hacker, you’re going to have to pay attention to whether your company is on the lookout for an ad-spamming campaign.

The FedEx and company say the attacks are taking place across the globe, but a few are targeting the U.S. and the U,S.


This week, the FBI said that FedEx was not aware of any recent incidents involving ransomware attacks against the company.

The FBI also said it had not received a report of any FedEx customers being targeted.

The FBI has also released an alert to FedEx employees warning them of the threats.

The hack is still ongoing, but FedEx says it is working with security experts to stop the attackers before they launch more attacks.

The hack is expected to continue for the next few days.