A giant cargo ship carrying more than 4,000 tonnes of supplies is due to be unloaded at the Port of Sydney from Dantor in the Southern Ocean.

The dantors first shipment was loaded onto the dantora at the port in early August.

The cargo ship is the largest to enter the port and is expected to be the largest in the world to be dantored to Australia.

The ship will be docked in Sydney Harbour on Monday for a weeklong trial before it is sent on its journey to Australia via the Great Southern Railway.

The vessel is one of two large ships docked at the shipyard at Port Augusta.

The other is a dantori carrying 590 tonnes of freight.

The port’s dockyard and the dants are owned by the state Government and run by the Dantors Limited.

They are part of a network of ports and logistics hubs around the world, including the port of Port Augusta, Port Lincoln in the North West, Hobart in Tasmania, Port Stephens in the West Australian Highlands and in the Australian Capital Territory.