On the high seas, passengers aboard the new Hawaii Cargo Ship are bracing for a few days of sleepless nights and a few blisters on their skin as the crew cleans up after the ship’s first sea sickness.

The ship is currently carrying more than 1,000 passengers, including about 200 Japanese, many of whom were on their way to Japan for a medical evacuation to the Pacific.

The cruise ship has now been shut down and will not sail again until Monday.

The crew will be on standby in the cabin, but will not be allowed to board.

The crew is expected to finish up their duties and begin the final preparations for the ship.

In total, about 1,400 crew members are taking part in the cleanup.

The ship was sailing from Honolulu to Pearl Harbor on a cargo ship trip, when the first of two sea sickness incidents occurred in the Pacific Ocean.

At least two of the crew members were taken to a hospital, and one is in critical condition, according to Honolulu Fire Department Capt. Scott Jepsen.

Hawaii Cargo Ship is a three-passenger cruise ship that will sail to Japan on Monday.

According to Captain Scott Japsen, there were two sea-sickness incidents aboard the ship before it arrived in Honolulu.

The first occurred at the beginning of the cruise.

It was not clear what caused the first sea-related incident.

Hawaiians have been advised to avoid any contact with the ship or any of the surrounding water, or take appropriate precautions to avoid further sea sickness, including avoiding swimming and avoiding contact with ships and people.