The Confederate ship named “Holly” is owned and operated by Florida Gov.

Rick Scott, who has called for a boycott of Florida-based slave ship “Hollywood”.

The ship, built by the Confederate Navy in 1867, was the largest slave ship ever built by South Carolina, according to a 2016 article in the South Carolina Journal.

The ship was captured by Confederate troops and sold to slave owners who were forced to flee to Florida.

The crew was taken to South Carolina in 1871, but were forced back to Mississippi, where they remained until the end of the Civil War in 1865.

Scott called the Confederate ship “a disgrace” and a “breach of all the laws of the land”.

The state has been working to restore the ship’s history, and a state-appointed commission is set to meet next week to discuss a restoration plan.

The ship is owned under a law passed in 1976 that allows for the Confederate flag to be flown in public spaces.

The flag is flown on the flagpole of the state capitol.

In 2013, Scott signed a bill into law allowing the state to restore Confederate flags, including one that was hung on the capitol building in front of the governor’s mansion.