Cargo ship sperm found on the Indian Ocean coast of Java.

Photo credit: Prakash Vadlamurthy/Getty Images/AFP via Getty Images.

The latest find, which was reported on Wednesday by Indian newspaper the Sunday Express, comes on the heels of two earlier finds in Java and Sri Lanka.

The Indian Ocean has been known to host some of the world’s most dangerous species of marine life, and the latest discovery in Indonesia came in the form of a sperm whale found dead on the sea floor, according to the paper.

In a statement, the Indonesian government called the sperm whale discovery a “new indication of the threats faced by marine mammals in the Indo-Pacific region.”

The discovery comes less than a month after an estimated 2,000 sperm whales were found dead in Indonesia.

Indonesia has seen several whale deaths in recent months, with the latest finding being reported by the Indian Times.

According to the Indonesian National Oceanographic Administration (AOA), about 1,700 humpback whales have been caught in the region, and they are considered to be “of particular concern due to their high level of social isolation, their low reproductive rates, and their high vulnerability to the risk of being entangled in fishing gear.”

Indonesian officials have been trying to prevent the deaths of humpbacks in the waters off the country, which is the home to some of Indonesia’s largest populations of whales, according the newspaper.

The country’s fisheries ministry also said that “in the near future” it will establish a special committee to monitor the whales, with a goal of protecting them from fishing gear.

The sperm whale was discovered on the seaflage in the eastern part of the island nation.

According the newspaper, the whale “was found dead at approximately 2,200 meters [about 4,500 feet] off the coast of the town of Palu, about 250 kilometers [186 miles] south of Jakarta, Indonesia.”

The report did not say when the whale was found.