The San Francisco Bay Area has been named a “special cargo ship” for a cargo ship docking in the area this week.

The “Gravity Express” is the second cargo ship in as many weeks to dock in the Bay Area.

The company that owns the ship has been working on the move for the past few weeks, and on Monday, the Bay Bridge was closed as the ship sailed into the harbor.

The company had to put up a temporary sign warning people not to use the Bay for any activities.

A small crowd was waiting for the ship to dock when it arrived on Monday.

They said they were excited about seeing the ship dock in San Jose.

“I’m looking forward to being able to see our ship in San José,” said Alex Bensinger.

“I’m really looking forward that we can make it back to San Francisco and have a great time.”

The gravity ship has a maximum of 10 people and will have a crew of five.

The ship’s cargo includes more than 500,000 tons of cargo, including medical equipment and food.

The ship will have an estimated $3 billion value in total.