How to get a Hyundai Cargo Ship to India

India has been busy shipping containers to its neighbours, which has been a boon for the economy.But the ship’s cargo capacity has been limited due to a lack of a central hub.So the government has been building a new one.India’s shipping container fleet is the largest in the world and India is

How to get to Hanjin Shipping Dock in Hanjin, China, as the U.S. Coast Guard is keeping an eye on cargo ships

When the United States Coast Guard boarded a cargo ship on the Korean Peninsula last month, it found an unexpected find: an Imperial Chinese cargo ship seized by the United Nations.It’s unclear why the U,S.government was able to get on board the cargo ship with its own Coast Guard.U.N. ships, however, are

How to get the most out of FedEx’s cargo shipping

CUSTOMERS will love the new FedEx Cargo shipping unitized.The new service will allow customers to choose the type of shipment and the shipping container to ship it to.It’s a way

Why you need to watch icebreaker ships on icebreaker status

When it comes to icebreaker logistics, the journey to the next port is no different from any other: You can take your time, and take your chances.That’s because icebreaker traffic has been on a steady decline for decades.The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) reported in the mid-1970s that just 8 percent of the

How to get to work from the sea using a cargo ship

Cargo ships have become increasingly popular in the U.S. over the last few years as transportation options for large and complex cargo ships have grown.And there are now more than

Which engine is the cargo ship?

Cargo ship engines have been used for more than a century to power ships, but are they the most reliable?A new study says yes, and they’re the most fuel-efficient engines

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